Bookkeeping Support Assistance

Sometimes your bookkeeping or administrative teams need support to get the work done. 

Entrepreneurs and start-ups have a long history of success with Harbour Rock. You get a commitment from us to help – and nowhere is that more evident than in our bookkeeping support service. You may not be able to afford full-time back-office support staff to handle paperwork and other administrative tasks, which means much of that burden will fall on you as a manager or owner.

Critical Reporting Cheat Sheet

With Harbour Rock, you get financial and operational advice. Whether you're using us as a coach or you need us to take on the responsibility of acting as bookkeeper or controller for all your back-office requirements, Harbour Rock’s team can design a suite of services custom-fit to your needs. And if you don’t have an onsite team, the power of the Internet and our full-service portal system will give you 24/7 access to your accounting and financial information online – anytime, day or night – from anywhere you have an Internet connection.

Bookkeeping Support Assistance
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