Spend Your Time Building Deals, Not Spreadsheets

pencil Posted by Richard Veltre on April 18, 2018

You should spend your time focusing on your clients, not paying bills, mastering your accounting software, creating financial reports (or trying to interpret them), and tracking invoices.

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Controllers vs Bookkeepers: What’s the Difference?

pencil Posted by Richard Veltre on February 6, 2018

For most small businesses, a bookkeeper is enough to maintain accounting records and create basic quarterly and year-end financial statements. Business growth, however, may necessitate hiring a controller. But what’s the difference between a bookkeeper and a controller, and how do you decide which role is appropriate for your company’s needs?

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How Outsourced Accounting Helps with Restructuring

pencil Posted by Richard Veltre on December 27, 2017

An electronic burglar and fire alarm company was going through a troublesome restructuring. Opportunities for consolidation in the local industry were abundant due to new state regulations and licensing requirements, but the company would miss out on those opportunities unless they quickly eliminated their current issues. When they found they couldn’t manage the situation on their own, they enlisted the services of an outsourced accounting team.

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Should Your Company Use Outsourced Accounting Services?

pencil Posted by Richard Veltre on November 2, 2017

Every company has financial needs and requires a way to handle them. Many companies do so with an in-house accounting team, but some companies can’t afford – monetarily or resource-wise – an in-house accounting team. If your company is making a transition, is a startup, or is looking for ways to reduce costs, there’s an option that’s not an in-house accounting team.

It’s outsourced accounting services.

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